system rack

Full size (H x W x D) 172 x 77 x 66,5 cm
Half size (H x W x D) 91 x 77 x 66,5 cm
Spacious and flexible access for cabling via separate MCB/terminals bay.

3 phase, star or delta, 45-65 Hz, 90-270V AC, optional input isolator/MCB.

The dimmer system stands for full flexibility and future proofness due to its digital bus architecture. Automatic self configuration and calibration.

User friendly graphic interface on colour TFT display.
Navigation with rotary encoder through scroll type menus.

Available as 24 or 48 module rack with a maximum dimmer density of 192 dimmer channels per rack.
The rack consists of a separate dimmer module section and a separate MCB/terminals bay.
Dimmer racks can be shipped in halves or even as a flat pack for easy installation in rooms with difficult access.

Full flexibility of breakers: Single Pole, Single Pole Neutral Disconnect, Dual Pole RCD.

Control, reporting, backup and update via Ethernet.
3x DMX inputs.
24 lines of configurable serial/parallel/analogue interface.

Advanced DSP technology for voltage, frequency and distortion compensation of power supply.
Two single processor racks can backup each other (crossover backup / redundancy).
Integrated USB connectivity.
Optional full redundancy backup of all control electronics, including PSU for each rack.
Optional UPS connection for electronics.
One processor is sufficient enough to run two fully populated 48 module racks.