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Monitoring the dimmer market over the last decade Teclumen decided to develop a dimmer system which is supposed to fill the existing performance and efficiency gap in the dimmer market.

The development of the dimmer system Pink Fridge is a result of many years of experience in the dimmer business. The philosophy of the dimmer system Pink Fridge is based on the profound experience gathered by dimmer engineers, installers, customers, users and sales people.

Taking a part the purely technical data on a data sheet, many other additional underestimated aspects are making a dimmer system successful or turn it into a pain. Accessibility to the dimmer room. Some of the existing products in the market are difficult to be installed due the excessive dimensions of the rack. Pink Fridge can be shipped as halves or as a flat pack.

Easy access to the power supply and load terminals for installers and maintenance staff is chronically underestimated. Whomever tried to connect the power supply and load to the terminals once knows how difficult that can be. Pink Fridge has a separate space dedicated for cabling only.Instead of having the breakers integrated into the modules many users prefer to have a separate MCB bay reducing the range of spare dimmer modules.

Many users prefer indicator LEDs on the modules for better comfort. The power coming from the power supply companies is almost never free of voltage or frequency distortions. Incoming distortions without an appropriate filtering in a dimmer system can disturb the correct dimmer operation and can have significant negative impacts on lighting. Pink Fridge is offering an Advanced DSP technology for voltage, frequency and distortion compensation.

The rack and modules can be easily adopted to most of the customer requests.
The pre- and after sales service is of vital importance. Teclumen is offering direct access to experienced sales persons, technicians and the developers of the dimmer system.
Pink Fridge is developed and fully produced in Europe. The dimmer system is made of industrial grade components from world leading manufactures. We use standard industrial connectors from Weidmüller.